AR as a golden mean between online and offline shopping

Online purchase is strictly rational: best price and logistics — all that matters. Offline one is emotional: the look, touch and feel are key. What if we combined those experiences?
Become real

Customers love online shopping but tend to make important decisions only after seeing it in real size and shape.

Vizualization in real life
New era of interaction
Reduce return rates
Become optimized

Augment in-store experience of your customers with infinite knowledge of digital world to help them choose smart and buy fast.

Limitless showroom
Exploring and comparison
Customer immersion

The solution you need

ARCommerce lets people interact with your products at the decision making stage. Stay memorable and develop a higher loyalty to your brand using AR as a new channel of communication. Users would be able to:
Enter branded showroom Fit goods in real space Try the products on
Visual things need visual explanation

Product video review

We do know ARCommerce can bring real value to retail and ecommerce by solving core pains for both business and customers.

Incredible features

3 Levels
of Immersion

try products on a user, in showroom or real world


jewelry, accessories, apparel, makeup

Try it

furniture, home appliances, office-ware, IoT or equipment

the environment

to make sure that the product will fit

products sets

adjust position and features of multiple products, save and share sets


edit, collaborate and exchange on product sets with other users


fully manageable placement spaces by retailer from admin panel
Challenges we solve
Thirst for interaction

Customers love online shopping but they will always want to see the product in real environment before buying it. Viewing in 2D is not a natural way to percept. It is never enough to just take a look at the flat picture to feel dimensions and get impression.

Fit in space

Inability to assure users of the product fit is the most glaring issue of online shopping. The user wants to make sure that the product will fit correctly, and look correctly in the real environment before making a purchase.

The physical gap

Brick-and-mortar shop faces several challenges: physical space optimization, rental costs on shopping spaces and lack of ways to show full catalog of available products in one place. These limitations are crucial for conventional retail.

Product returns

Only in the USA total merchandise returns account for more than half-billion a year. At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned in comparison to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores. The reason for 40% of returns is “unfulfilled expectations”.

All-in-one product

Add ARCommerce module to your existing ecommerce, build standalone app or expand customer experience in brick-and-mortar store. (iOS & Android).
#01 Module for integration
Newly developed module allows to collect all the information from existing API and opens AR features for users without burdening them with additional apps.
You can use it into
your existing native apps
#02 Standalone application
Bespoke solution to meet exact needs of business with a variety of additional features involving edge technologies to achieve breakthrough level of engaging the customers.
You can build your own app
for any of your business objectives
Case study

ALLO Virtual Shop

We are proud to present ARCommerce solution for one of our first customers Allo LLC,
the biggest retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in Ukraine.

Worth your attention

We have developed a module for integration in native retailer apps, built a standalone application and providing bespoke development for activities in local stores.
Integrated in any business

Other AR solutions are available only as separate platforms, while ARCommerce is easily customizable module in order to be integrated in any existing app.

Focused on physical world

While most of the solution works with face tracking, ARCommerce combining two approaches and focuses both on face tracking and interactions with the physical world.

Key features combined

ARCommerce is the all-in-one solution for eCommerce projects with the features to meet the current needs — special offers, wish lists, in-app purchase, etc.


The expected global
VR/AR market opportunity by 2022


The expected AR market opportunity in the Global Retail Market by 2022.


AR-compatible smartphones with expected 1,3 billion active monthly users by 2022.


We were selected as a promising startup and reliable partners by professionals in the industry.

Start developing
your business with us

The next big evolution leap in eCommerce and Retail has already come with Augmented Reality. So we are here to create an immersive shopping experience for your customers and transform your business according to this new age.